The artist 

Hien-Tu is a Montréal-based artist. She discovered her passion for painting after completing her scientific studies. As an early enthusiast of visual arts, she began to explore painting as a means of expression during the summer of 2018. Beyond the genesis of visual emotions that she felt as an observer, her desire to wield the brushes herself and create the colors led her to her first paintings free from formal training. The power to transmit positive emotions to people and to make them journey through her paintings is central to her work.


Artist statement

Through painting, I seek the awakening of the senses and the beauty of the moment. Nature, flora and the ocean are my main sources of inspiration. Acrylic and watercolor enable me to explore both freedom and control of movement. By playing with textures and overlays of mediums, I want to create an encounter with emotions, question the present and the unknown, and to make one want to look further. As sources of self-reflection, my colors liberate the mind, leaving the observer free to experience my paintings.




Collective virtual exhibition, Art Cible (selection by a jury)

March 2020

Collective virtual exhibition ''Le Renouveau'', galerie Gallea (selection by a jury)

June 11th - July 24th 2020




Solo exhibition Ö

L’Artothèque de Montréal

May 7th-11th 2019 


Solo exhibition RENCONTRE

Centre professionnel Saint-Michel, Montréal

November 24th 2019   


Collective exhibition 

Ecole des Beaux Arts de Montréal

December 14th 2019





Collective exhibition

Ecole des Beaux Arts de Montréal

December 15th 2018

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